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Packers and Movers Andheri Mumbai your house or office can be cumbersome. And the task becomes even more Herculean if you do not have an idea of the moving costs or estimates. With large number of moving companies coming in, even Pods Moving and Storage companies, it has become even more difficult to choose one that honest and gives you the actual cost that you need to pay for moving and relocating.

Most of the people end up to pay more than the estimated cost of relocating or moving. Although most of the consumers ask for moving estimates from the moving company or Pods Moving and Storage, but mostly fail to select the right kind of moving estimate that will make their relocation moving cheap.

When a person goes to a relocation company and gets the Packers and Movers Andheri Mumbai moving estimate, the biggest mistake he makes is that he does not actually look into the details of the price of moving or Pods Moving and Storage company. Most of the consumers blindly rely upon the moving companies and face huge bills welcoming them when they reach their relocating destination. To avoid this horror story, it is good that one understands the moving estimate types and makes a choice judiciously.

One kind of moving estimate is the “Binding estimate”. This is the kind of relocation moving estimate that most people go for. It is some what like the fixed price estimate and the moving company or Pods Moving and Storage company says that you will not be charged any thing extra than what is estimated in the beginning. But there is a loop hole that most of the moving companies forget or tend to forget to tell you.

If the relocation driver who is loading your shipment feels that the load is much higher than what is written in the contract, he has the right to charge you extra. So the driver concerns over the weight of the loaded stuff, you need to get back to the moving company and negotiate all over again over the bills of your shipment.You won’t have that problem with Pods Moving and Storage carriers.

Another kind of moving estimate is the non binding moving estimate. In this kind of estimate, the moving company will give you an estimated price based on per pound of the weight for moving. Your final bill entirely depends upon the final or the actual weight of the shipment. You cannot rule of the possibility of mis-weighing your shipment and there by manipulating your bills by the relocation moving company or Pods Moving and Storage companies.

The most preferred moving estimate is the “Not to exceed type Binding Estimate”. In this type of moving estimate, you end up paying exactly the same amount of bill that is shown in the estimate. And if your weight comes out to be less than what was calculated initially, you pay less for your relocation move.